Sunday, 31 January 2016

Rud 23: Making It All Work Together

Ok So first I went to Hootsuite because I had already added Twitter. Whatever was happening it wouldn't allow me to add my LinkedIn account. I don't use Google+ really, I don't need to see updates from Facebook and Instagram and I have parted ways. They don't have Tumblr added which would be the most useful for me.

Let's try Flipboard. At the start nothing was working. On mobile app but I had read that as 'mobile device app' and it just wasn't working on the iPad. I had to check instead! Finally it clicked that the photos looked different. Mobile app = mobile phone!!! Off to find the phone and try to remember my many passwords! On the plus side I can now add Tumblr!! If I choose later I can add my Soundcloud feed for when I make my podcasts, my YouTube channel for all the video I'll upload. Of course the downside is Wordpress isn't on Flipboard and it is on Hootsuite. Oh well! Back to the drawing board!

Flipboard Feed: Twitter

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