Sunday, 31 January 2016

Rud 22: Mobile Things

Clearly time management constraints are getting to me and although I've downloaded Gum I can't get it to scan for me. Must be missing something.

I'm going to review Tumblr instead.
As mentioned earlier I have a Tumblr account:
I use it to test-drive different apps. The first one was Tumblr itself. I had to initially set it up on a computer but I made all subsequent posts via my smartphone. It's easy to tweet directly from the Tumblr post. The first time I used Tumblr I took a photo of the sky for 30 days: #skyphoto. When I wanted to change to taking 30 photos of something else I had to return to a computer to change the title. This is somewhat annoying but in the grand scheme of things it's not the worst.

One of the next things I tried was Instagram with Tumblr so on each day I would post two photos, one that had been changed with Instragram and one that hadn't. Instragram didn't grab me so that didn't last very long at all.

Some time after that I tried taking photos on a theme: #treephoto. I thought this would be a good idea if we set up a Tumblr at work and posted on a theme: beautiful book covers (though this is subjective).

I've other apps lined up to try with Tumblr: vividHDR and Snapseed. Stay tuned to see how they go!

Tumblr is great if you want to post something small with a picture and not a lot of text: it's halfway between a blog and a tweet. It works really well with a number of other apps - handy when they connect to each other.

A carpet of blossom! #springphoto

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