Monday, 13 October 2014

Can There Really Be a Thing 0?

I've just started working on #OxEngage's 23 Things for Researchers and it's funny how things change over time or as I become more familiar with technologies. When I first started blogging I used Blogger as I thought it was easier. Then through work I started using Wordpress. As I was already familiar with Blogger using Wordpress was infinitely easier and now I think I prefer Wordpress! The functionality is handy but I'm going to leave Things Bright & Shiny just where they are!

Using both Blogger & Wordpress meant that it was very easy to set up a Tumblr account. I wanted to become adept-ish at using Tumblr and thought that the best way to do that would be to use every day for 30 days. A challenge then? Well challenge accepted! 30 days of using Tumblr for taking photos of the sky. #Skyphoto was born! Unfortunately by the time the 30 days had ended I had become addicted to #skyphoto and didn't really stop. I wasn't able to start #treephoto on Tumblr as I was still looking up! Six months on I've put the sky to one side and started on #treephoto in earnest. Doing 30 Days of Trees is probably best in the autumn anyway.

Note: 23 Things for Researchers is part of #OxEngage's Social Media Programme to Michelmas. There's such a cool interesting line-up. I was I was there!

A Second Round of 23 Things

The last time I used this blog was in the summer and autumn of 2012. I worked on 23 Things for CPD and it taught me a lot about social media and general thoughts about librarianship. Once the course ended I let the blogging slip to one side. I concentrated more on Twitter which seems to be working out some. I tried 23 Things for Productivity but ironically that didn't work out.

This time I'm going to try again. Oxford is running a 23 Things for Researchers and it's open to non-Oxford staff. I learned so much from the last 23 Things I did that I think two years on it's time to update my skills.

Let it begin!