Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Digital Knowledge: Thing 2 - Blogging

Onto Thing 2! Oh the joy of MOOCs at the start!

I don't have access to but this is the second time in a week that I've heard about it. I must pass it onto our team for continuing personal and professional development (CPPD).

I hope to brush up on existing skills and learn some new ones which I may use personally or use immediately in a work context or ponder for a while so that I can use it in a year's time in a work context.

Thing 2: Blogging 
I like blogging and have a few different blogs on the go although I'm better at contributing to The River-side, my work blog, than I am to any of the three personal ones I have! Oops!

I've blogged about:
What I’ve seen or done is a way of incorporating reflective practice into my professional life 

Events in order to help me remember them more clearly in the future
I also blog as a way to test out different apps and I give myself 30 days to try the app!

Blogging Platforms 
I've had this blog on Blogger for quite a while but I use Wordpress at work and the Tumblr guide would have been very handy when I started that blog!

I knew I'd heard of PebblePad before but couldn't remember when. A search for UCC and PebblePad on what but Google brought me to a news item for its use with the School of Pharmacy. Last year one of my group had described its use on an online forum for the course on teaching & learning in higher education.

Some browsing on the pages for it on the University of Edinburgh website made me wonder how it could be adapted for modules that use Special Collections or for staff as a way to track their own courses. Hmm!
"Use PebblePad in facilitated teaching, learning, and personal development contexts. As the facilitator, you can create custom resources for learners to use and submit for your feedback. You can promote continual engagement from learners by releasing new content at set times - and learners’ additions and changes will filter through to you until the date and time you choose."

Plenty of things to consider for how it may be used!

One more thing to go back to the CPPD team!

Digital Knowledge: Thing 1

Hmm! I've just read Charlie Farley's blog and it says "I'm a joiner, a participant, a signer-up of 'things', and particularly online learning." It's good to know I'm not alone! Last year I did an online cert for teaching & learning in higher education. This year I've applied for two modules on rare books and manuscripts. I may yet apply for another module for January 2017 on learning Latin... I'm not 100% sure on that. While the applications for rare books & manuscripts are being processed I thought that it's been a while since I did a 23 Things (see the wonderful Rudai 23 completed in January 2016); maybe it's time to go again!

Thing 1: Introduction
I've checked out the Things and I'm really looking forward to Block 3. I did do Augmented Reality very quickly last January so I'd like to spend some more time on that. I also did OneNote last year wit the 12 Apps of Christmas but again some more time with it would be good. It's good to see two things on digital privacy: digital footprint and digital security. I attended Alison Macrina's keynote earlier this year at the A&SL conference and since then I've been more aware of some of the issues. In the wake of the keynote I tried San Jose's Public Library Virtual Privacy Toolkit so again it'll be interesting to see how these two things work.

I'm not part of the University of Edinburgh but I remember when we started up The River-side for Special Collections, Archives and the Institutional Repository in UCC Library and part of the permission process was reading the guidelines and ensuring that we were doing as we ought to be doing. Indeed the social media guidelines now cover:
  • Apps
  • Branding
  • Governance
  • iTunes
  • Language
  • Metadata
  • Social Media Policy
  • Social Media Official Accounts
  • Social Media Other Accounts
  • Social Media Notice & Takedown
  • Website Style Guide
  • Website Procedure
And are known as Digital Estate Guidelines which is pretty much all encompassing.  These I explained to a new staff member recently and it was refreshing to know that although I had read them some time ago I will still practicing what I needed to preach, well not so much with the preaching really!