Monday, 14 November 2016

Digital Knowledge: Thing 3 - Digital Footprint

After watching the opening video for my digital footprint I'm a little worried. Sure I Google myself regularly and I know if I search for 'Oslo' suddenly Oslo appears all over the place but still... What will 'Managing My Digital Footprint' tell me?

The Barcode Project in Oslo

So Who Am I? 
The top result is:
  • librarian!!
followed by
  • ceramic artist, based in Dublin
  • pediatrician in Wichita
Back to my personal Twitter account and an I sporadically forget about.

Does anyone even look at page two anymore? I figured I should take a look at me page two:
  • Four obituaries
  • a lecturer in Vermont
  • a writer
I am not on page two but my SlideShare is on page three.

As I co-manage a work Twitter account I'm always conscious that I don't accidentally tweet from the wrong account. In the split second that it would take me to realise what I've done and delete the tweet no doubt someone would have retweeted it. Admittedly my different voices between my personal and work accounts aren't that different but I wouldn't expect The Riverside to tweet about rugby!

So Who Am I Post-Exercise?
I'm someone who's finally remembered to update the typo on my SlideShare account! Each time I'd see it I'd be on my mobile and I don't fancy doing updates to my profile from a tiny screen. Well that's done now. I know it seems nuts but for some reason I expect library folk to be able to spell correctly.

I try to limit my apps mostly because I know I don't use them and less from trying to keep my digital footprint corralled. There's no mention of The Riverside; I guess I'm best known for my personal account than for my library's special collections' account. That said, I merge my personal and professional spheres in the one Twitter account. There's no way I could manage three accounts!

Despite 'Elaine Harrington' not being a wholly common name I'm happy enough that I appeared top and twice correctly on page one and yes I did it with Incognito tabs.

Every so often I remember my much neglected account and then I remember my account which I created doing the last 23 Things /Rudai 23 and I think I should update it and of course my LinkedIn account but I'll leave that until they pop up later!

Having read the case study I have a lot more work to do! At least everything bar the SlideShare account is unified under 'walkerabroad' and I'm happy with the merging of personal and professional. I should really delete the account though.

Who Do I Want To Be?
I'm quite happy with the results being as they are currently. They say who I am - librarian, special collections librarian. What quote do I use on my SlideShare account:
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt.

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